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탭버튼_수치해석 탭버튼_실험
1.1. 수치적 기법을 활용한 연소폭발천이 현상 연구
1.2. 고에너지 물질의 반응속도 해석을 위한 폭발 반응 모델링
1.3. 수치해석을 통한 틈새실험의 전산모사
1.4. SPH기법을 활용한 수치해석 응용
1.5. 액체로켓엔진의 화염불안전성에 의한 가진 특성 해석
1.6. Rocket and Jet Propulsion
1.7. Propellants, Pyrotechnics, High explosives                                                                     
1.6. Rocket and Jet Propulsion

Small Scale Jet Propulsion System (PDE) Analysis by All Eulerian Method

Governing equations

  • - 2D cylindrical compressible reactive Navier-Stokes equations (Fluid)
  • - Mie-Gruneisen EOS with Johnson-Cook model with modified Navier-Stoke equations (Solid)
  • - Level set method based on ghost fluid method (Interface)


  • - Detonation, elasto-plastic deforming (for validation), and pulse detonation engine (PDE)

Fig. Kerosene detonation modeling (Detonation cell) Fig. Detonation with elasto-plastic deformed tube
Fig. Rigid and elastic vibrating wall of PDE simulation Fig. Schematic diagram of Kerosene PDE

Rocket Launching System Analysis using Strongly Coupled FSI Method

Governing equations

  • - 2D compressible reactive Navier-Stokes equations (Fluid)
  • - Total Lagrangian model (Solid)
  • - Level set method based on ghost fluid method (Interface)

Analysis - Navy’s vertical launching system

  • - MK 41 for battle ship
Fig. Shadowgraph (gray) and temperature (color) contour
Fig. Vertical Launching System