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216 27th ICDERS A spectroscopic method for assessing the degree of oxidation of zirconium-based pyrotechnic initiators Ji-Hoon Ryu 2019.08 파일다운로드
215 27th ICDERS Simulations of blast wave propagation in open space that require adaptive mesh refinement Tae-jun Roh 2019.08 파일다운로드
214 27th ICDERS The changes of thermodynamic reactions of pyrotechnic initiator ZPP by hygrothermal aging effects Juyoung Oh 2019.08 파일다운로드
213 27th ICDERS The effect of relative humidity on aging of zirconium-based energetic materials Byung-Heon Han 2019.08 파일다운로드
212 27th ICDERS Propagation of a strong shock wave in a random bed of metal particles Sanghun Choi 2019.08
211 27th ICDERS AutoCAD inspired level-set algorithm for 3D simulation of industrial fire and explosion Hyun-jun Kim 2019.08 파일다운로드
210 ASLIBS 2019 A potential for spark-induced breakdown spectroscopy as opposed to laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for space exploration Jae-Hun Jung 2019.08 파일다운로드
209 ASLIBS 2019 A non-calorimetric study of hygrothermal aging of pyrotechnic material by using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Ji-Hoon Ryu 2019.08 파일다운로드
208 ASLIBS 2019 Real-time monitoring of heavy metal components of fine dust air pollution using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and spark-induced breakdown spectroscopy Jun-Ho Yang 2019.08 파일다운로드
207 12th ASPACC Investigation of temperature and humidity effects on the reaction performance of a NASA standard initiator Juyoung Oh 2019.07 파일다운로드
206 12th ASPACC Slow and fast thermal decomposition characteristics of metalized explosives in fuel rich and oxygen-rich conditions Yoonsik Park 2019.07 파일다운로드
205 12th ASPACC The adverse effects of moisture on the natural aging of zirconium-based energetic material Byung-Heon Han 2019.07 파일다운로드
204 12th ASPACC Study of strong shock and reactive metal particles interaction in high energy material Sanghun Choi 2019.07 파일다운로드
203 12th ASPACC Numerical Investigation on the Syngas Composition Effects on a Model Gas Turbine Combustor Jaehyun Nam 2019.07 파일다운로드
202 12th ASPACC Computation of Explosion Blast Response in a Large Open Space by Performing Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) Tae-jun Roh 2019.07 파일다운로드
201 32nd ISSW AutoCAD inspired level-set algorithm for 3D simulation of deflagration spreading in complicated building structures Hyun-Jun Kim 2019.07 파일다운로드
200 APS - Shock Compression of Condensed Matter Understanding the hygrothermal aging eects and life- time prediction on a NASA standard initiator Juyoung Oh 2019.06 파일다운로드
199 APS - Shock Compression of Condensed Matter Electrically stimulated high speed microjet for medical applications Hwi-Chan Ham 2019.06 파일다운로드
198 APS - Shock Compression of Condensed Matter Modeling the shock-induced multiple reactions in a random bed of metallic granules in an energetic material Jack J. Yoh 2019.06 파일다운로드
197 Invited State Key Lab of Explosion Science and Technology(Beijing Institute of Technology) Symposium Modeling the Granular Metalized Explosives Jack J. Yoh 2018.12
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