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126 SCI Journal of spacecraft and rockets Pogo accumulator optimization based on multiphysics of liquid rockets and neural networks Kook Jin Park, JeongUk Yoo, SiHun Lee, Jaehyun Nam, Hyunji Kim, Jack J. Yoh, Chongam Kim, and SangJoon Shin 2020.6 파일다운로드
125 SCI Chemosphere Real-time monitoring of toxic components from fine dust air pollutant samples by utilizing spark-induced plasma spectroscopy Jun-Ho Yang, Jaehun Jung, Ji-Hoon Ryu, and Jack J. Yoh 2020.06 파일다운로드
124 SCI Applied Thermal Engineering A numerical investigation of the effects of hydrogen addition on combustion instability inside a partially-premixed swirl combustor Jaehyun Nam, Jack J. Yoh 2020.05 파일다운로드
123 SCI Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry An optimal configuration for spark-induced breakdown spectroscopy of bulk minerals aimed at planetary analysis Jaehun Jung, Jun-Ho Yang, and Jack J. Yoh 2020.04 파일다운로드
122 SCI Combustion and Flame Modeling the shock-induced multiple reactions in a random bed of metallic granules in an energetic material Bohoon Kim, Sanghun Choi, Jack J. Yoh 2019.12 파일다운로드
121 SCI Scientific Reports A non-calorimetric approach for investigating the moisture-induced ageing of a pyrotechnic delay material using spectroscopies Ji-Hoon Ryu, Jun-Ho Yang, and Jack J. Yoh 2019.10 파일다운로드
120 SCI Journal of Applied Physics Thermochemical characterization of Zr/Fe2O3 pyrotechnic mixture under natural aging conditions Byung Heon Han, Yoocheon Kim, Seung-gyo Jang, Jaeyong Yoo, Jack J. Yoh 2019.09 파일다운로드
119 SCI Thermochimica Acta Slow and rapid thermal decomposition characteristics of enhanced blast explosives for burning in fuel-rich, oxygen-rich conditions Yoocheon Kim, Yoonsik Park, Jack J. Yoh 2019.08 파일다운로드
118 SCI Scientific Reports Towards understanding the effects of heat and humidity on ageing of a NASA standard pyrotechnic igniter Juyoung Oh, Seung-gyo Jang, Jack J. Yoh 2019.07 파일다운로드
117 SCI Spectrochimica Acta Part B Double-pulse laser synchronization aimed at simultaneous detection of enhanced atomic and molecular signals at low pressure conditions Jun-Ho Yang, Hyung Min Jun, Jack J. Yoh 2019.05 파일다운로드
116 SCI International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Numerical analysis of the effect of the hydrogen composition on a partially premixed gas turbine combustor Jaehyun Nam, Younghun Lee, Seongpil Joo, Youngbin Yoon, Jack J. Yoh 2019.03 파일다운로드
115 SCI Optics Express Two-dimensional measurement of hydrocarbon fuel concentration using multiple laser-induced plasma-forming regions Hyung Min Jun, Seung Won Suh, Jack J. Yoh 2019.03 파일다운로드
114 SCI Optical Materials Express Novel utilization of the molecular band signal in metal oxides: understanding the aging process of pyrotechnic substances by using laser induced plasma emissions Ji-Hoon Ryu, Jun-Ho Yang, and Jack J. Yoh 2019.02 파일다운로드
113 SCI Journal of Applied Physics Modelling the effects of aluminum and ammonium perchlorate addition on the detonation of the high explosives HMX and RDX Donghyeon Baek, Bohoon Kim and Jack J. Yoh 2018.12 파일다운로드
112 SCI Aerospace Science and Technology Parametric study of a VLS based on 2-D FSI analysis Hyunshig Joo, Haeseong Cho, Younghun Lee, SangJoon Shin, Jack J. Yoh, Jae-Cheol Shin 2018.11 파일다운로드
111 SCI Journal of Applied Physics A reactive flow simulation for the anisotropic ignition of an explosive crystal using adaptive mesh refinement Younghun Lee, Woong-Hyun Lee, Min-cheol Gwak, Kihong Kim and Jack J. Yoh 2018.10 파일다운로드
110 SCI AIP Advances A multi-scale simulation of hot spot initiation of detonation utilizing experimental measurements Yoocheon Kim, Younghun Lee and Jack J. Yoh 2018.10 파일다운로드
109 SCI Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problem Associated with Vertical Launching System Younghun Lee, Min-cheol Gwak, Heaseong Cho, Hyun Shig Joo, Sang Joon Shin, Jack J. Yoh 2018.07 파일다운로드
108 SCI Energy Towards simplified monitoring of instantaneous fuel concentration in both liquid and gas fueled flames using a combustor injectable LIBS plug Hyung Min Jun, John Hyunwoo Kim, Seok Hwan Lee, Jack J. Yoh 2018.07 파일다운로드
107 SCI Thermochimica Acta Kinetics deconvolution study of multi-component pyrotechnics Anirudha Ambekar and Jack J. Yoh 2018.07 파일다운로드
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