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2.1. Laser Plasma Spectroscopy
2.2. Laser Generated Micro-Jet
2.3. Velocity Interferometer System for Any Reflector
2.4. 고압환경에서 알루미늄 입자의 점화 연소 특성 실험
2.5. Diagnostics
2.5. Diagnostics

Performance Characteristics of an EFI via VISAR

Objectives of an exploding foil initiator (EFI)

  • - Flyer acceleration for shock-initiating an explosive
  • - Miniaturization of a Pyro-Mechanical device for air bags and space missions.

Velocity interferometer system for any reflector (VISAR)

  • - Measuring a target surface velocity
  • - Velocity measurement plays a vital role in the dynamic compression research

Fig. Schematic and picture of a tested EFI

Fig. Experimental approach: VISAR measurement
and impedance matching technique

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (Fire Investigation)

Role of LIBS of fire debris residues

  • - Determining an ignition source (fuel constituent, type of ignition source)
  • - Analysis of accelerants in fire debris → Detecting the use of a fire accelerant at a crime scene can be
    the difference between classifying a fire as accident or an act of arson

Investigation of the ignition source and existence of fire accelerant by using the LIBS

  • - Depth profiling can confirm the existence of combustion accelerant, suggesting that arson is the cause of fire

Fig. Effect of ignition source on potassium(left) and carbon(right) signal

Fig. Effect of combustion accelerant

Fig. LIBS spectra of original samples